It's not easy to be out and queer and Christian clergy.

I wanted to make Queer Clergy feel like superheroes.  Because it’s hard.  And here we are, changing the world… and a lot of times in places where the world feels tilted just a bit against us.  So here they are: Queer Clergy Trading Cards (QCTC).


Chris Davies

Creator, Queer Clergy Trading Cards

We are not alone.  We have been connecting and conversing and finding strength in community and support in our peers.  We’ve been acting up and protesting and calling for equality for all God’s children.  We’ve found others in similar situations and reached out with love and compassion.  We’ve giggled over our super powers and kryptonite, and imagined the song that would play as we walk out to preach.


God called us into ministry not to spite our queer identity but because of it.  It is a shifting nature of church out there, and queer clergy are uniquely positioned to reach out across divides and think outside the box.  With our colleagues in ministry, we’re ready to take on the future of Christianity and add voices unheard and stories untold, from our own experience and that of our community.



Yes, we can say that word!  Queer is an identity label that catches all of our pieces and parts.  And queer has a history and a shock factor included in the word that reflects some of the shock that some of us still get merely being our fullest selves.  Queer means all boundaries are erased and we connect on a level without labels.  It’s an academic word in a process of  being re-claimed, and revolution of who and how we can be in relationship.   

We’re here, we’re queer, and we’re changing the church

…and the world!

Collect us all. Jesus did.