Coming Out: The First Triumphant Deck! (fixed cards)


This artful deck is fixed in cards, and features 50 clergy.  It is the first of the QCTC series.  Is it missing someone?  Check out deck number #2, where 50 more clergy are published!  If you have a suggestion for who to include, email us!

This deck is a clear way to support the mission and ministry of Queer Clergy Trading Cards, with profit going to support trans and queer youth organizations!


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The First Deck contains:

Alex Shea
Allysa De Wolf
Anna Blaedel
Beth Walden
Bob Shore-Goss
Brian Hutchinson
Chris Davies
Courtney Jones
Daniel Kostakis
Day McCallister
EJ Reynolds
Eliza Buchakjian-Tweedy
Eric Sherlock
Erik Koepnick
Heidi Heath
J. Bennett Guess
Jakob Hero
Jay Johnson
Jeanne Loveless
Joe Blotz
Joe Shore-Goss
Joellynn Monahan
John Gage
Jon Chapman
Joseph N. Goh
Julia Burkey
Kayla Bonewell
Kim Sorrells
Kyle Lovett
Lawrence Tanner Richardson
Lois McCullen Parr
Malcolm Himshoot
Manda Adams
Matt Emory
Maureen Frescott
Mykal Slack
Nicolette Siragusa
Oby Ballinger
Patty Kogut
Phiwa Langeni
Quinn Caldwell
Rachel Ciupek-Reed
Roland Stringfellow
Shannon T.L. Kearns
Shawn Fiedler
Summer Shaud
Tamara Torres McGovern
Tara Wilkins
Thea Mateu
Wes Jamison

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