Queer the Church! Question Deck




This deck contains 60 questions designed to challenge spiritual communities into thinking differently.  The questions are pulled from revitalization work, systems theory, and our experience serving in various communities.  While there are some Christian themes within them (like resurrection!)  the cards are designed with intention to be used by any spiritual community, or community desiring to grow and change!

Note: there is one question in here which reads, “What is your reaction to this statement and why? ‘I f*&%ing love God!'”

“Practically speaking, the format inherent to the cards lends itself to both long-term and short-term programs of education and/or discernment. I can easily imagine groups both large and small engaging the questions. Pastors could even use them to craft a series of sermons based on their congregations’ conversations around specific cards. There are even enough cards present to keep a congregation talking for many months on end if they should so choose!” – Rev. Chris McArdle, Local Church Pastor