The Second Coming: Still here, Still Queer, Still rockin’ the pulpit! (fixed deck)


Finally, deck number TWO features a second coming of MORE super powers, MORE songs to add to the play list, and MORE opportunity to wonder, “What does Kryptonite even MEAN in this context!?!”

This artful deck is fixed in cards, and features 50 clergy.  It is the second of the QCTC series.  Is it missing someone?  Perhaps they are waiting to be published in deck #3!  If you have a suggestion for who to include, email us!

This deck is a clear way to support the mission and ministry of Queer Clergy Trading Cards, with profit going to support trans and queer youth organizations!



Clergy featured in the second deck are:

Allyson Abrams
Altagracia Perez-Bullard
Amanda Nelson
Angela Yarber
Anna Tew
Barbara Toll
Benita Ramsey
Ngeo Boon Lin
Broderick Greer
Bryan Breault
CB Stewart
Cecil Charles Prescod
Cindi Anna Knox
the closet
Dámaris E. Ortega
Daniel J Borysewicz
Daniel Ross-Jones
David Eck
David Weekley
Dusty Pruitt
Eileen Gebbie
Gerry Brague
Greg Davis
Gregory Gross
Gwen Fry
James Olson
James Semmelroth Darnell
Javen Swanson
Jeffrey Dirrim
Jes Kast-Keat
Joe Pang
Karen Dammann
Kittredge Cherry
Kristina Lizardy-Hajbi
Kyle Tade
Lindsay Andreolli-Comstock
J Manny Santiago
Marie Bacchiocchi
Matthew Alexander Pearson
Megan Ryan Rohrer
Mike Slagenweit-Coffman
Mike Wernick
Rachel Small-Stokes
Rachel Young Binter
Rebecca Voelkel
Sara Rosenau
Sue Joiner
Thom Longino
Todd Farley
Tyler Connoley

Additional information

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Dimensions 2.6 x .91 x 3.6 in